The basic care guidelines for the  TomTato® ?

Re-potting :

The TomTato® can be put in the ground or in a pot. If in the ground, make sure you are prepare the soil. Space plants at a distance of 60cm (24") apart and water them thoroughly after planting. If you use a pot, choose a deep container and about 40L, so the potatoes have room enough to develop.

Plant grafted tomato-potato plants with the graft union below soil level, burying the stem up to the second tomato leaf from the base. Or at least over 3cm (1”) in the pot. This aids stability and growth and ensures the potatoes develop fully underground. Water thoroughly after planting.


Place the TomTato® in full sun and sheltered spot.

The tomato like their hours of sunshine, in order to give you the optimal taste.

Care and support:

Support your TomTato® plant as it grows, using several 1.5m (5') canes, or a similar strong support frame. TomTato® produces vigorous growth and heavy trusses of fruit, so will require regular tying to its support with soft garden twine.

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