The moment your tomatoes are turning orange/red. You should reduce your watering. If the tomato gets too much water, it will burst.

Tomatoes can be harvested as they ripen from July to October. To help ripen green tomatoes, harvest red tomatoes regularly. If growing TomTato® in containers they can be moved to a frost-free position in the autumn for prolonged crops of tomatoes. Once the tomatoes have finished cropping, cut back plants and harvest the potatoes below. If plants contract the fungal disease blight, cut the stems to ground level and dispose of all foliage. Leave potatoes in the ground for 2 weeks before lifting.

If growing TomTato® outdoors, remove any remaining green tomato trusses before the first frosts in autumn. Cut the plant stem to ground level and leave for 10 days before lifting the potatoes below.

Tomatoes can be ripened at livingroom temperatures at about 20C.

PLEASE NOTE: Although potato plants normally produce poisonous fruits, crops from TomTato® pose no risk and have been certified free of any harmful glycoalkaloids.


How to harvest my TomTato® ?

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